About us:

MJ's Blues and Dance Club inside of a virtual world called "SecondLife" needed a better Stream for our Performers and for DJ's to use.

Maybe I should start at the begining... In 2006 we joined a virtual community called Second Life. In there you can do anything you can think of basically. So we built MJ's Blues and Dance Club. We hired performing artists, Musicians and even had a house DJ. They would play music and everyone around the world could hear it. After a few long months of Streams not working as they should, We went looking for a Better Solution and we found it! MJ's Stream Solutions was born in 2008. We took control of our own Server and Licensed Shoutcast. And we became a "Licensed" ShoutcastIcecast provider. We have been serving the SL and RL communities ever since. We offer all kinds of Streaming Packages for Musicians, DJ's, Radio Host's, Charitable Org's. We have supplied streams for Charities to use, DJ competitions and whom ever might need a boost.


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Monday, April 19, 2021

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